Watching TV in the park

On our way home from dinner in the Sunset, Matt and I cut through Golden Gate park to return to the Richmond. Our path took us by the baseball fields, which when passed earlier that night were alive with activity. Night falling had forced players and spectators alike to find other playful pursuits, but as we approached the fields we noticed a strangely familiar glow in the darkness. As we got closer, we confirmed our suspicions, and passed by a group watching a TV in the stands. Diffrent Strokes pulsed through the night as the three of them huddled around the glow for entertainment. They had plugged the TV directly into an outlet on a pole in the bleachers. Homeless or not, they were enjoying the intoxicating glow of the boob tube, free of charge, on the city’s energy bill. This, on a day in which NYC was recovering from the largest blackout in history, is somewhat amusing.