It’s Not What You Say… It’s What You Do

Enjoyable read with good ideas.
Building blocks:
1. Clear Direction: clear expectations that are SMART (specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and time-bound). Guidlines for expectations: divide big ideas into small bites, get feedback, be hands-on, not what you say but what you do (follow through yourself). Negotiate boss’s expectations if unclear- get them engaged and listen.
2. The Right People: hire attitude over experience.
The 5 traits of personality:
* Conscientiousness: inclination to be responsible, careful, organized, perservering, dilligent
* Openness: broad-minded, curious, insightful, original
* Agreeableness: forgiving, kind, courteous, and supportive
* Extroversion: outgoing, gregarious, sociable, ambitious
* Emotional Stability: measured, calm, appropriate, secure, rational, optimistic
How to screen for right attitudes: plan interview in advance, get them talking freely, ask what they did (give me an example of…), trust your gut, see how they deal with conflict, keep assessing for 1st 90 days.
3. Obtaining Buy-In
* Outmaneuver CAVE people by kicking off with WOW! event, blitzkrieg them (follow thru quickly), create disciples from rank/file, take success story straight to the top
* Create a HOT team (don’t be unfair, mean, rule-bound; do like your people, believe in them, listen, make teamwork engaging, let them decide)
* Lead a HOT team: distribute the coaching relationships & they will lead themselves
4. Individual Initiative
* Share your purpose; look at your biz through eyes of a customer; ask yourself & your people “What gets you out of bed in the monrning?”; motivation stem from defeating common enemy?
* What motivates you– what 1st attracted you to this line of work, what parts of work life do you use when not at work? if pay was cut 50%, what tasks would you keep?
* Show more respect (lack of respect leads to lack of initiative)
* Find the line between enough and too much accountability; how much control will the group have over the outcome? how good at giving useful feedback?
Get Team Member’s Expectations by Asking Them
* Review personal and job history, establish rapport & trust. Once comfortable:
* What would you like to be earning in next 12 months? 24? 5 yrs? Why? What would you do with that money? What kind of percentage increase would that take? Have you ever accomplished a similar increase? What did you do to get that increase?
* What professional advancement would you like to achieve over next 2, 5 years? Have you been promoted like that in the past? What did you do to earn the advancement? What new skills did you master? What accomplishments preceeded the promotion?
* What are the top 3 skills that qualify you for this job? (examples that prove they exist and make a difference?)
* What would you like to be able to do better? What else?
* What do you need from me?
Another way: give an assignment. Take 48 hours to prepare an answer. It’s the end of the new year, on track for hitting your goals. You’ve just received a great review, exceeding expectations. In a paragraph or 2, write what you did to earn this glowing review

auth=Haughton, Laurence
sub=How following through at every level can make or break your company