Music through the floor

I’ve always wondered how it is that authors (or more realistically, editors) order the stories in a short story collection. This group starts out strong and trickles into less as the nine stories tick by. There are brief flashes of brilliance, it is entirely readable and sometimes surprising.
“The trick was, always, to remember his real life was elsewhere.” (Diablo, p 77)
“… Mr. Yeats is a mentally ill person who lives poetically through swans.” (Essay #3: Leda and the Swan, p 24).
“She was the only alcoholic yoga enthusiast I’d ever met. Once she asked me what I did for a living. ‘I work with some retards,’ I said. ‘Right,’ she said, commiserating. ‘I know what you mean.’ ” (Children of God, p 13)
“The boy’s father looked down at his lap and then seemed to glance around the store for the first time, his face losing its brightness and taking on a customary distraced gloom, even a tinge of anger, and he turned to the man inspecting the tank to say, The boy wants some neon tetras, as if it was the boy’s own idea and his father were just bending to a whim.” (Neon Tetra, p 101)
“Caitlin comes charging through the door. She’s holding scissors. In the other hand, she lifts our mother’s hair like a snake– grinning at me, ecstatic, waiting to be loved.” (Animals Here Below p 176)

auth=Puchner, Eric