The wind-up bird chronicle

Dreamlike tale of a recently unemployed man whose cat runs away, then his wife runs away, then has mysterious events begin happening to him. Naughty phone calls from phantom women who float into and out of his dream, the 16 year old neighbor who tans and watches for cats and does wig surveys, naming the cat after his brother in law who becomes a famous politician at the heart of the story. Mystical powers of comprehension and psychic healing. Blue mark on his face after sitting at the bottom of the abandoned well for several days and passing through the wall. Beating the guitar-case carrying man with a bat. Tales of Manchuria, skinning the spy alive. The bequest of an empty box. Meeting Cinnamon & Nutmeg and having clients come to the hanging house.
Overall pretty amazing read.

auth=Murakami, Haruki
sub=Translated from the Japanese by Jay Rubin