Why does this make me nauseous? (Books for women)

Hyperion is starting a new brand, Voice, aimed at women. WTF?! What follows are some incoherent grumblings about this idea:
51% of the US population is female. This is the majority. Why do we need a niche book brand?
From the NYT article: “People are overwhelmed by choice, and what they want is someone who is self-selecting for them.” Again, WTF?! I absolutely don’t want someone self-selecting books for me. I prefer to ask for recommendations from trusted sources, or dabble in first lines at the bookstore. What I don’t want is to be herded to the backroom where all the women’s books are. Imaginary conversation: “Oh miss, put that [Moby Dick] down. That’s a man’s book. You would be more interested in these bodice-ripping romance novels or sappy love stories in the corner.”
From the NYT article: “When I go to a bookstore I’m looking at a million books, and I’m not quite sure where to go unless I get a recommendation of a friend. But I can look at all of the books that are published by Voice and see it as somewhat of a guide for women.” A guide for women. Because all our tastes are quite similar, right? And Voice is just like a friend whose opinion I trust. Gak. The whole bookstore should be considered a guide for women.
What I don’t want: book segregation by gender. I know what I like, thankyouverymuch.
What I want: good writing, gripping stories, characters I care about. I’d love to see more females producing and consuming this stuff. Or perhaps I am ignorant of the masses of feminine talent hidden in the stacks? Where is my next Paula Fox discovery?