Science experiments gone awry! Instead of a sci-fi book, this tale of dissected mice and cancer treatments is more of a love story. Cliff, the post-doctorate whose lack of success leads the lab to request him to discontinue his experiments, suddenly has a breakthrough with R7, which injected into tumor-laden mice causes the tumors to melt away. Robin is entangled in a love affair with Cliff, and begins resenting his success. After breaking it off with him, she starts investigating the truth of his claims, bringing 3rd party inquiry into the lab. His sloppy record keeping is only partially to blame; he also disregarded some of the results to just focus on the improved mice. Besides the Robin/Cliff angle, there is also Sandy/Marion’s sexual tension as partners managing the lab, spending untold amounts of time together. Their spouses are not jealous, but Marion’s husband (Jacob) ends up planting the seed of doubt in Robin’s head that Cliff’s results are too good to be true, which starts the unraveling of the lab. There’s also Sandy’s daughter Kate’s infatuation wtih Cliff; and Sandy’s daughter Charlotte’s breakup with news-hungry Jeff.
Good writing, disparate plot lines, and suspense get you through the pages on this one. I found it much more readable than Kaaterskill Falls, another Goodman book which got discarded by page 30.

auth=Goodman, Allegra