Librarian rant

Does she work at the library solely to humiliate patrons on their choice of books? My belief in the automated checkout system is strengthened after tonight’s ordeal where the senorita mocked 2 out of my 3 book choices. Surprisingly, she left Kink alone– which seems borderline erotica from the first page. But she skewered my first attempt to understand real estate investing with a ridiculous comment “I would rather work at a job I love and not make money than invest in real estate.” Followed quickly by a “Where are you from? You must have grown up in suburbia,” as she checked out Mark Salzman’s Lost In Place: Growing Up Absurd in Suburbia.
Sigh. I miss the Potrero branch librarians who have nothing but encouraging words about my choices. I’d rather the silence of the self-checkout than the heckling of a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a doctor. Need to work on that bedside manner, chica!