Why Moms Are Weird

My admiration continues for Pamie’s written contributions to the world. While this isn’t the grandest, greatest story I’ve read this year, it was entirely enjoyable & readable. Least favorite part: quoting Good Will Hunting’s scene of “every day I come by hoping not to find you”. Lots of other good parts, bumping into Mickey at the supermarket, parking lot trysts, Boobs organizing all her mother’s lovers around the dinner table, Boobs’ interactions with her mom & sister, Boobs’ relationship and surprising restraint with the married “eye candy” Zach.
Still reeling from her father’s death, she goes back to Virginia to rescue her mom & sister from their existence, her mom stumbling around with a broken leg & her sister too entwined with a psycho ex-con boyfriend. Revelations about love and relationships abound. Why do the ladies persist in writing about love?!

auth=Ribon, Pamela