Blame it on Paris

Ah, the joys of dashing home for the weekend and devouring books you’d never be caught dead with otherwise. This book by a hometown girl about snagging her French husband despite all efforts to remain unattached, traveling the globe, working on her PhD. She introduces her Parisian boyfriend to rural Georgia, with its No Beer on Sundays!, red dirt, far from civilization, gun toting charm. Ended up being quite readable, funny in parts. I think also interesting to readers from outside the world that this is drawn upon. I couldn’t quite come to terms with her descriptions of herself as a manhunter in stiletto boots, but if not knowing the author, others should not have that same problem. Congrats to Laura on getting published, and it being a fine readable effort to boot!
First mentioned by JK, but thrust into my needy hands by Christine

auth=Florand, Laura