Eat, Pray, Love

Sometimes you rescue books from their dusty neglect, forgotten on the bookshelves. And sometimes books rescue you, from an unpleasant situation or state of mind. This book was the latter, my rescue, my cross country flight entertainment, my rope to salvation out of a hole of unnecessary sadness.
Gilbert skillfully deboned and skinned herself, laying her heartbreak out for all to pick over and examine. Fresh from a painful divorce and torrid love affair with the wrong guy, she flees on her “I” journey, spending a year abroad in 3 countries starting with “I” (Italy, India, Indonesia). In Italy, she eats well and nurses herself back to health, finally ending things with David via email.
Appetite satiated and glutted on earthly pleasures for four months, she then heads to India to medidate in an Ashram and find spiritual peace. At the Ashram, she struggles with quieting her mind (monkey mind… I’m well acquainted with the problem), struggles with the 182 verse Sanskrit poem (the Gurugita) that eventually transports her to the heights of spiritual grace. One final problem remains– the lack of closure with her ex-husband. So the plumber from New Zealand sets her up on the roof of the Ashram and has her work it out by summoning his spirit and letting their spirits talk through the closure.
Healed heart & mind, she heads back to Bali (Indonesia) to help the medicine man she’d found a few years prior. In Bali, she finds balance, friendship, a Brazilian lover. The moral of the story is to find the strength to change your life for the better, you don’t need to settle for 2nd rate. Perfect timing on the book choice.
Recommended and pressed upon me by Ashlyn, the genius guru of relationship advice

auth=Gilbert, Elizabeth
sub=One woman’s search for everything across Italy, India, and Indonesia