Girl In the Flammable Skirt

YES! YES! YES! another homerun hit by a fantastically talented writer of the female persuasion. Bender’s words were melting in my mouth, in my hand, all over my eyeballs. It was pure unadulterated joy in reading her dancing words.
SF Chronicle was equally pleased (this quote keeps popping up all over, so I have to include it):
“Once in awhile, a writer comes along who makes you grateful for the very existence of language…”
This a collection of short stories that left my knees weak, and made me pick up my typing hands to try my own whirl at it. The flammable skirt girl who dances too close to a candle, and whose skirt ignites, but thinks is it her dancing skills or the candle. Other stories are equally good but I cannot remember specifics now. Read this book.
Recommended by Andrea Seigel

auth=Bender, Aimee