Mothers and Sons

Nine stories detailing various aspects of the relationship between mothers and sons. From a burglar who sets the Rembrandts on fire, to the priest accused of molestation, the sons also range from talented singers whose mom abandoned them to sons who find their mom’s albums in the basement and release a Best Of cd. Also the son at his mom’s funeral and the days following, going to raves and getting generally trashed.
My favorite of the bunch was Name of the Game, where the widowed mom scrapes together a new plan and phases out the bankrupt grocery store with a chip shop and liquor store. The son gets thoroughly into it, begins acting older than his age and conversing with other merchants. He becomes despondent when he realizes his mom is selling the business to get out of that town and into the anonymity of Dublin.
The final two stories, A Summer Job and A Long Winter, detailing the love of a grandmother for her grandson, and a mother walking out on her family once they drain her supply of alcohol in hopes of curing her. The wandering mom is trapped in a blizzard and presumed dead.
Light notes of male on male love, no true strong female or mom characters.

auth=Toibin, Colm