The Female Brain

This caught my eye in City Lights bookstore– the image of a telephone cord wrapped up like a brain on the cover. After skimming through it, I added it to my list of library requests and took it on the trip to Mexico. It’s a quick read, and she’ll repeat some metaphors, but all is interesting throughout. Essentially, it’s about how women’s brains differ chemically from men’s. Things I remember off the top of my head: women’s brains 9% smaller in size than men’s, but same amount of braincells, so more densely packed. For first 8 weeks, fetuses have same brain, then at week 8 boy babies are infused with a wave of testosterone that kills off cells in the communication area and increases the size of agression/sex area. Boys think about sex every 52 seconds?!
Brizendine a neuro-psychiatrist turned author, many of the data points coming from her studies at UCSF. She posits that there are several stages in which women’s brains undergo changes: babies, puberty, post-puberty, mommy brain, mature female brain.
I kept parroting interesting facts as I came across them to Max… however, none of the traits that the women display in the book seem like me at all– where is MY brain book?

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