The Nimrod Flip Out

Loopy, surreal stories from the middle east. An off hand mention of the border, going to Sinai to relax and party, but for the most part, nothing terribly Israel-centric about these stories; they are universal, if you consider a beautiful woman who turns into a hairy short man at night universal. (The boyfriend ends up palling around with the short man, starts getting into football, discovers unknown clubs. The girlfriend is just glad he accepts her “flaw.”)
Actually I’ve Had Some Phenomenal Hard-Ons Lately a cute story about a man who loves his dog more than his wife or mistress. Malffunction taught me that short stories can be as short as a paragraph. Shriki about the average Joe who invents olive stuffed olives, and goes on to wild success with avocado stuffed avocados and apricot filled apricots.
A refreshing mint for the mind. Tasty, cleansing, leaves me ready for something different.

auth=Keret, Etgar
sub=Translated from the Hebrew by Miriam Shlesinger and Sondra Silverston