The 4-Hour Workweek

Deliriously, shudderingly good book that will serve to kick my arse into gear; that year of global backpacking seems much more realistic now. Was this the first book to use AdWords to determine what a the most successful title would be?
Ferriss walks you through the basics of creating automated income streams which run like clockwork while you merrily traverse the globe. This is my dream, writ large. It’s all about taking mini-retirements along the way, instead of working the 9-5 lifestyle for 30 years in order to take a few years off at the end of your life.
First step is to crank up your productivity– figure out the 20% of activities that drive 80% of the results and drop the rest, refining the 20% to get even more out of them. Refuse all meetings without agendas, train your coworkers not to interrupt, ween people from phone contact to email contact. Use the puppy-dog method to try remote working and demonstrate amazing productivity without the distractions of the office. Figure out a way to make money distributing other people’s products or hitting a niche market with your own easy to product product. Use eBay to gauge interest in your product (cancelling the auction before it finishes b/c you don’t actually have a product to ship). Use AdWords to test test test what copy works and what drives sales. Have customer calls come to your cellphone at the beginning to figure out what goes in the online FAQ. Investigate outsourcing your life by having virtual assistants a globe away work on your behalf. Simplify and reduce your intake of the unessential (be it news or crap food, etc.) Go without news for a few days and see how much time you save– ask people around you what’s going on and see that you’re not missing much. Check email once a week (!)- perhaps extreme, but I like the idea of daily checking.
His comfort challenges are also interesting- ask for 3 people’s phone numbers each day just for the practice of it. Stare into people’s eyes. Say “no” to everything for a week. Negotiate lower prices at the farmer’s market, then take that negotiation to bigger transactions.
Don’t postpone life! Live!
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