Drawing on lessons learned from Machiavelli, Critical Mass, Paris Hilton, and the Nazi party, Duncombe urges the progressives to learn how to create a spectacle (ethical spectacle) that engages everyone in politics and hastens change. He refers to the one spectacle the left got correct in the last election– the Billionaires for Bush who mockingly supported the Republican candidate but passed around leaflets on how to buy a candidate. (13,000% ROI on an initial investment of $1M after defense contracts went their way)
He suggests we learn from Las Vegas embracing its fakery, the appeal of Grand Theft Auto (personal seeking & empowerment), applying advertising genius to politics (make people desire the change), turn everyone into a celebrity by making everyone have a voice in the protest/movement.
Skimmable, and seems more like an extended university paper. But good intent.

auth=Duncombe, Stephen
sub=Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy