Epitaph for a Tramp & Epitaph for a Dead Beat

Two gritty and amusing noir crime novellas packaged up together. Harry Fannin is a gumshoe with literary taste and ambition, but fortunately for us, he sticks to solving crimes that fall into his lap. Tramp covers the mystery of his ex-wife’s death, after a heist involving $40 large from a factory payroll. She’s dubbed a tramp because she ran around on Fannin while they were together, which he discovered after noticing a disturbing amount of cigarettes in the ashtray near his bed. It was later explained away that she became trampy as a recovery mechanism for being kidnapped and defouled by her sister’s fiance when she was six years old.
Dead Beat dips into the Greenwich Village world of beatnik poets, one of whom is on a murder spree, killing 3 people in a 2 day period. It’s a wacky case of strange names (Ulysses S. Grant), hepcat lingo, disputed authorhood.
Overall, very well written and make me chortle at least twice.

auth=Markson, David
sub=The Harry Fannin detective novels