Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)

It’s official– Harry Potter is the crack rock of fantasy tales. Never have I geeked out as much as this week, rushing home from work to lie on my couch devouring hundreds of pages in a sitting. Tip of the hat and flourish of the cane to Ms. Rowling, she’s done it again with a page-turner like no other. Billions in the bank haven’t affected her wordcraft. I hung on the plot line, dangling, finding myself wondering how it’s possible to write such gripping stories that the whole world is caught up in at the moment. Pottermania has consumed my office, my family, my nation.
As for the storyline, [HELLO, SPOILER ALERT] Harry, Ron & Hermione traipse around the countryside trying to find Horcruxes and destroy them before Voldemort figures out what they’re up to. One of the horcruxes is in a vault at Gringotts, which they break into and escape on the back of a blind dragon. They end up at Hogwarts for a final showdown with the Big V, Harry saves Draco’s life a couple times, Ron & Hermione make out in the heat of battle, death takes Fred & Lupin & Tonks during the battle, V kills Snape with the snake to get mastery of the Elder wand which Harry somehow claims passed from Malfoy to Harry. Harry grabs Snape’s thoughts and Pensieves them to see Snape was looking out for him the whole time because of his love for Lily (Harry’s mom). In the end, we see Harry & Ginny 19 years later with 3 kids of their own, one named Albus Severius after Dumbledore & Snape. They’re at the train station seeing their kids (and Ron/Hermione’s kids) off to Hogwarts.

auth=Rowling, J.K.