My Mexican Vacation

A last minute decision to get away prior to the 4th of July holiday caused a mad dash for tickets, sunscreen, and the all-important stack of beachside reading. (You’ll notice a spike in number of books read in July— you can thank my hammock & beach towel for that) So away we whisked ourselves for an extended weekend, luxuriating in the hot Mexican sun like iguanas and cooling off in the Sea of Cortez like seals. Many cervezas & fish tacos were consumed. Many layers of sunscreen applied (I cannot say enough good things about the Neutrogena Ultra Dry Touch Sunblock – my Irish/Swedish/German skin is finally safe). We had a near-death experience going the wrong way on a dirt road during a Baja dune buggy race, but for the most part it was wildly relaxing.
Immediately after coming back to work, I was thrown into an all-day partner meeting with Lonely Planet, where we went around the conference table introducing ourselves by Name, Company, Most Recent Trip. My Baja adventures were dwarfed by tales of month-long treks through Africa, and my own experience seemed a bit lazy compared to a lot of the eco-adventure trips these partners led. Out of that meeting, many connections were made, and I’ve done a bit of guest blogging, which has whet my appetite for more more more writing!
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