The Courage to Write

Another kick-in-the-pants-type book (I’m reading a lot of those lately…), this all about overcoming the fear of writing by embracing rituals, speaking with your own voice despite whom it might hurt or embarrass, using fear to your advantage by letting it fuel you,
Helpful courage boosters include:
* read about successful writers and how they overcame their fears
* take a writing course or tw
* occasional writer’s conference
* join a serious writers’ group
* develop rituals that ease the anxiety & work habits that tame your fear
* write at a time of day when you’re most productive and least anxious
* identify your ‘censor in chief’ and figure out how to address that person
* know yourself well enough not to be scared of what might come out
* convert fear into excitement
And so I’m off to do a little writing.
Recommended by Papa Rose, a professional writer tired of hearing my lame excuses

auth=Keyes, Ralph
sub=How Writers Transcend Fear