The Year of Yes

Sadly, this was one of the better books I picked up at the book swap a few months ago. The swap was chaotic– people lingering over category tables (fiction, history, philosophy, etc.) and pouncing on the new additions as soon as the staff dropped them off. I swapped a bag of old books for a new bag of old books, and this was the first I tackled.
Basic premise is that 21 year old girl is in NYC and having boy problems (in love with a married man), so she decides to say yes to everyone who asks her out for a year. This leads to some amusing dates with 70 year old men (the married Senor Chupa whose wife teaches the author to salsa), homeless guys she trips over in the street, a mime, a few lesbians, and on and on.
I’d classify this as a few rungs beneath beach reading, and yet I read the whole thing. Writing was on the edge of tolerable, but the theme of searching for love will get me every time.

auth=Headley, Maria Dahvana