If You Want to Write

Enough with the books on writing already! This one, however, might be the end of the addiction for me. Brenda’s kind words encourage you to just do it, just write wildly and freely, write from the heart about something you know, describe something, reveal the truth as you know it.
An unfortunate photo choice shows the author in the year of publication and then 45 years later, looking very much like the Crypt Keeper. We humans do tend to resemble skeletons as we age.
And so, Brenda’s 12 things if you want to write:
1. know that you have talent, are original and have something to say
2. know that it is good to work
3. Write freely, recklessly, in first drafts
4. Write novels, plays, anything.
5. Don’t be afraid to write bad stories… to find out what’s wrong with it, write 2 more then go back to it
6. Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve written in the past
7. Discover your true, honest, untheoretical self
8. Don’t dilute your mind with stimulants
9. If you’re never satisfied with your writing, it’s a good sign.
10. Don’t be discouraged by your inner voice
11. Don’t reing yourself in
12. Stop always appraising yourself

auth=Ueland, Brenda
sub=A Book about Art, Independence, and Spirit