No one belongs here more than you

The weird quiet poignancy of Miranda July comes through in her first book of stories. I first stumbled onto the shakey wonder that is Ms. July in her film (written/directed/starred) Me And You And Everyone We Know, then to her marvelous website promoting the book.
Her writing is clean, minimal, dances around the huge crazy truths she’s unveiling and makes everything bizarre seem normal. Like catching Madeleine L’Engle’s husband out in his car with another woman’s head in his lap (which she thought was a cat). Or the dramas of sharing a patio with a downstairs neighbor and ensuring you get exactly 50% of the time on the deck. Or dreaming up ways to meet Prince William in a pub in England where everyone gathers around listening to you tell your amazing story (nevermind about what). Or being the 3rd parent to the daughter of an ex-boyfriend and ending up in family therapy with them, falling for the therapist, then finding that your “daughter” is now dating the therapist.
It’s a mixed up foggy world, but Miranda July makes it glow just a bit brighter, and you never know what’s coming around the corner.

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