Easily digestible and highly readable tale of Dishwasher Pete, who attempts to dish in all 50 states. San Francisco native who has no high aspirations for career path but who wants to get out of the city, he tries college but gets booted, and then embarks on an epic, decade-long quest to clean America’s dirty dishes. Along the way, he meets some girls who get fed up with his traveling ways, but ends up finding a keeper in Portland. “Pearl-divers” among us are to be appreciated and honored.
Pete’s modus operandi is to take a dishwashing gig, and work it until he feels like abandoning ship. For that reason, one of his Rules of engagement is to never take a gig that he can’t easily escape from. But he breaks that rule when he takes a job on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, and ends up in a tiny galley with a porthole view of the sea. Alaskan dishing for many months sets him flush with cash for the winter months. New Orleans is notoriously hard for a white man to find a dishjob in, but he eventually finds something. The Letterman show invites him on, but he puts his friend Jess on instead (the fake Pete).
Urban planning pops into his mind as a potential future career, and he ends up in Amsterdam (thanks to an Irish grandfather that grands him EU citizenship) trying to find dishing jobs. Meanwhile throughout the tale, Pete gains familiarity with the community by putting out 15 editions of his dishwashing zine, dedicated to stories about dishing… this is how he gains a following, which turns into a book deal.

auth=Jordan, Pete
sub=One man’s quest to wash dishes in all fifty states