A Spot of Bother

A decidedly British novel, as you can tell from the title. A whirlwind of family troubles besets George Hall, who has just retired and finds a lesion on his thigh, spinning his thoughts to cancer and causing panic attacks. His daughter Katie has announced an upcoming marriage to Ray, of whom no one approves, but who is perfect for her. His son Jamie is unwilling to bring his boyfriend to the wedding, so he and Tony break up, only to reunite in grand style at the wedding. His wife, Jean, is having an affair with his old colleague, David. George walks in on them one morning and his mental faculties further deteriorate. He attempts to self-surgery the lesion off his thigh, resulting in an ambulance to the hospital and blood redecorating the carpets and walls. All in all, a quaint, readable, beach-read type book to be lightly consumed with a cup of tea.
Recommended as the best fiction Nicholas Felton read in 2007

auth=Haddon, Mark