Books that make you dumb

We’ve all been there– you finish reading a book that saps your brain juices as you turn each page. For me, there was the accidental Candace Bushnell read.
Virgil Griffith correlated “favorite books” from Facebook college networks with the corresponding average SAT score of those colleges to give you a breakdown of books that “make you dumb“. Books <=> Colleges <=> Average SAT Scores
I would argue that you’re already at a certain level of intellectual stimulus by the time you get to college, and the books don’t influence your intelligence but are merely a reflection of it. Another big caveat to this data is the notion that SAT scores reflect your intelligence. For example, note that all “African American” books are clustered in the 800-975 range; the SAT is notorious for bias against race, or better said, bias against socioeconomic factors.
Regardless, this is an interesting classification system. I’ve snipped the “Classics” section here for your viewing pleasure, but all genres are worth checking out.