Just In Case

As I was finishing this on the bus ride home tonight, I began to wonder, “How exactly does one wrap-up a teen-lit story? Will she dare to kill off the main character, or is it a happy ending out of necessity?” And luckily, Rosoff strikes just the right balance of happy with uncertainty.
Justin, nee David Case, is weighted down by thoughts that fate is out to get him. He hears the voice in his head, projecting death of all sorts. David changes his name, and his look, in an attempt to fool fate. Along the way he encounters Agnes the fashionable 19 year old who whisks his virginity away along with crafting his look and snapping photos all the while. Peter is the calm genius to whom Justin retreats when booted from Agnes’ place. The days spent in the Luton airport, a plane crashing nose first just meters from him. Justin the runner, limbering into his newly long legs. His imaginary dog, Boy. The random case of meningitis that strikes him down at the end. Or does it?
I’ve previously read Rosoff, but the entry is vague and I can’t quite remember the book (How I Live Now).

auth=Rosoff, Meg