A bit seasick after reading this one nonstop for seven hours; my couch became the deck chair with cherubs on each side. On borrowed money and against legal threats, Hayden takes his four children and a crew on board the schooner Wanderer from Sausalito to Tahiti. Great story while the writing leaves something to be desired.
He writes this book as an explanation of his journey, from childhood through publication date. His love of the sea cemented early on, money problems plaguing his family from the onset. Stumbling into acting because of his height and looks after becoming friends with an AP reporter. He loathed Hollywood, saw it as diminishing his soul while paying him handsomely for doing nothing.
Trying things on for size and then dumping them. Stymied by a desire to write. Constantly trying to give up smoking and drinking. Quitting jobs and ships left and right. 6 month stint as a Communist, then reluctantly giving himself up to the UnAmerican Committee.
“To remain semi-balanced in an insane job you detach whenever you can.”
Um, and in case you don’t know who Sterling Hayden is, he was the star of The Killing (Kubrick), and the General Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.

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