On My Own Two Feet

I admit it– I’m addicted to personal finance books and blogs. This latest is nothing ground-breaking, but always a good refresher on the basics. Best thing I took from it: make sure you’re spending money on areas of your life that bring the greatest joy.
* Save 15% of your gross income
* Pay off credit cards every month
* Get smart about your FICO score
* Insurance is necessary (health, car, renter’s/homeowners, and term life if you’ve got dependents)
* Power Trio of budgeting: 25% to income tax, 45% to “foundational” expenses (housing, groceries), 15% fun expenses (entertainment, clothes, booze), 15% future expenses (this is your savings)
* Invest!
* Max out retirement and tax saving accounts
* Talk to your SigOth about finances

auth=Thakor, Manisha
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