Know Can Do!

What prevents us from taking all of our knowledge and acting upon it?
* Information Overload – the key is in repetition; read a few books over and over, take copious notes. We retain only a small fraction of what we read and hear. Focus on a few key concepts and repeat over and over. Spaced repetition (x6)
* Negative Filtering- we create a logjam in our minds with all the things we can’t do. One person who shows confidence in you can make all the difference; also, you can choose who to listen to and who to ignore (negative feedback)
* Lack of Follow-up – you have to repeat and ingrain these habits into your mind. Repeat repeat repeat, but also with an eye towards teaching others, since this is the best way to solidify what you know.
How to listen with a positive mindset:
* listen with no prejudice or preconceived ideas
* listen with a learning attitude that is excited about new information
* listen with positive expectancy
* listen with a pen in hand, taking notes, with a desire to hear not only what’s being said but what it can trigger in your imagination
* listen with a “how can I use this?” attitude

auth=Blanchard, Meyer, Ruhe
sub=Put your know-how into action