Lying on the Couch

There’s something weird about reading a signed copy of the book from the Mission branch library. Psychoanalysis drama – Ernest with his patients Justin (who leaves wife Carol, who revenges herself on Justin by going to Ernest with the intent to discredit him), Marshal as Ernest’s mentor but a shrink who has his own problems getting swindled by a con man, twice. Shelley the husband who gambles, goes to Marshal, learns of his poker tells, gets back in the game. Norma is Shelley’s wife, friend to Carol, who comes over to comfort her the night Justin leaves, when Carol is raging about hit men and various other schemes.
Middle-brow literature– a quick story that is entirely enjoyable to read, but leaves you feeling a little dirty. But the read was time well spent. Thanks to Stephanie for the recommendation!

auth=Yalom, Irvin