Odds and Ends: Type the Sky, Poetry on Demand, and a Living Library

Topic 1:

Very cool Deutsch artist (Künstlerin), Lisa Rienermann
, has a project where she’s created the alphabet out of the intersection of the sky with buildings.

(via PSFK)
Topic 2:
Wandering around the Green Festival this weekend, I encountered Zach Houston sitting on a fold-up chair, manual typewriter on lap, hawking poems “Name your topic, name your price”. Giving him $3 and the topic of “haystacks”, he whipped up a 15 line poem while answering questions from kids walking by and pointing at the typewriter, “What’s that?!”
Topic 3:
Living Library is an organization promoting the idea that you can check out a person for a 30 minute conversation, designed to break down stereotypes. LA Times has a poorly written story about the living library in Santa Monica, if you want to get a perspective on how it works.
(via the Berkeley Heights Library blog)