Mud, Blood, and Gold

Note to self: sometimes, just hearing an author recap his story on a rainy Friday afternoon is enough, no need to actually get the book and read it. And that’s the case here, where my experience at the author reading was so much more rewarding than actually picking up the book and getting 80% of the way through. Think about that– I’m almost done and I’m not pushing through to finish. Why? Writing quality is pretty average, and he’s not telling me anything new.
Before the gold rush, San Francisco (or rather, Yerba Buena), was a sleepy port town. And then gold was discovered near Sutter’s mill in the hills outside Sacramento, causing hordes of people to enter the city on a quest for profits.
* Grizzly bear sighting near 1st/Harrison
* Chamber pots sold for $96 in gold dust
* Average wage was $1/day for clerks in Boston, average wage in the gold fields: $16-$40, so they came in droves
* Make friends with the town surveyor, get streets named after you (Geary, Hyde, Leavenworth)

auth=Richards, Rand
sub=San Francisco in 1849