The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program

Yeah, what the hell was I thinking? What started as a semi-joke turned serious when I actually cracked this book to sample its contents. I’m going to start with the positive: if this book can get published, I could write a book about how to cook spaghetti that should get published. I mean, it’s all kind of wrong. The writing, bad. The advice, bad.
Here’s a sample of the advice: eat a potato 3 hours after dinner, every day.
Do you need more? Her total advice, boiled down to 7 steps:
* Eat breakfast with protein every day
* Journal what you eat and how you feel when you’re eating it
* Have 3 meals a day with protein
* Vitamins and a nightly potato (WTF!)
* Turn away from whites to browns– e.g. away from white rice to brown rice, away from bad carbs to good carbs
* Take out the sugar. Well, duh. That’s why I picked up this book. Super-unhelpful.
* Exercise.
My eyes hurt from rolling them so much. Just put it back on the library shelf and walk away, quickly.

auth=DesMaisons, Kathleen