Rubies in the Orchard

I really wanted to give this book a chance. Especially since the POM blogger outreached to me and sent me a copy for review with a nice letter asking for feedback. Alas, I made it 92 pages and am pulling the rip cord to escape.
There’s this tone of self-righteousness that gets me. That, and the fact that it’s co-written by someone else who actually gets billing on the back flap (Francis Wilkinson). It’s basically a bio-fluff piece by a wildly successful marketeer who wants to share her decades of wisdom with us. Unique selling propositions and such. Resnick does have an impressive list of marketing successes: running her own marketing agency at age 19, taking over Teleflora and creating the USP that the vase is a beautiful gift the flower recipient is left with, creating a unique bottle for POM that shows the shape of the fruit, buying Jackie O’s fake pearls and then making copies of them for the Franklin Mint ($26M in profit).
But when someone who owns fields of pomegranates starts funding “independent” research on the health benefits of pomegranates, my antennae shoot straight up. It might be a detoxing wonderfruit, but I’m going to believe you a little bit less due to your profit motive.
And did she really need to name drop Rita Wilson on us? Plus, from that introductory scene, her famous gal pals ask her what her dream is, and she says she wants to write a book, but then she has to go and co-write it?

auth=Resnick, Lynda
sub=How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business