The Lost Art of Walking

An average British writer with a fancy spelling of his name (Geoff? you mean Jeff right?) goes to Google and types in “walking”. Out spits a book. Ca-ching, ca-ching. Geoff’s words to describe his walking around while on the job at a museum or at a desk job: “since I hated the job so much, every moment that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing became a victory…”
Walking is a brainless activity– fetuses proven to be able to walk post death.
Removing the Walk/Don’t Walk signs from NYC crossings between 1996-2003; who in NYC is so illiterate or so foreign as not to be able to recognize “Walk” or “Don’t”?
Overall, I loved the idea of a book about walking until I actually started reading this. The author lives in LA and walks (major props), but he’s somewhat anti-Virginia Woolf and gives us nothing special with this work of his own.

auth=Nicholson, Geoff
sub=the history, science, philosophy, and literature of pedestrianism