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If the term “magazine” is a loosely-collected bunch of speakers and images and mp3s and movie clips, then sign me up for a subscription. Wednesday night, one night only, at the Brava Theater, myself and hundreds of other ticketed guests let the magazine unfold on stage in front of us. From Heelys demonstration to clips from Botany of Desire documentary (on tulips, ganja, potatoes and apples), an imagined rap battle between Doom and Lil Wayne to images taken from Louisiana prisons, this live action magazine had it all. This was the brainchild of Evan Ratliff, Doug McGray, Derek Fagerstrom, Lauren Smith, and Maili Holiman.
Highlights for me:
* termite article by Lisa Margonelli– the queen shoots out eggs at a clip of one every 3 seconds for fifteen years while her young lick her to keep her cool, walling her up in an antechamber and then licking her to death. Also, the mold of the mound somehow controls the bugs.
* Larry Sultan’s slideshow of a photo album he found in a flea market. The pictures were a bit odd, the subjects not looking dead on into the camera, and the progression of Christmas tree photos with the brothers and mother, then just the mother, then the photograph of the son placed among pictures of furniture, then the memorial for the son killed in WWII.
* Peggy Orenstein’s “Pink” article about the media pushing pink down girls’ throats until it’s the only color they clamor for.
* Andrew Lam’s piece on watching his unemployed Chinese neighbors chow down on good food.
* Todd Hido’s slideshow of photos taken a decade ago that showcase homes in foreclosure, empty rooms, clean carpet, light fixtures in place and everything just spic-n-span waiting for new owners to come in.
* Megan Prelinger interview about her library in downtown San Francisco of ~ “40,000 books, periodicals, printed ephemera and government documents”
* the final act– Devil’s Water, a memoir by Glynn Washington about having Michigan farmers come watch his family try to find water for their well.
* the woman who spoke about Fear – downhill skier who watched his friend crash/get medivac’d out/go into coma/ then goes on to nail his own run. She was a bit weird– we watched the footage of the crash and then she made a sarcastic remark about the twitching body on our screen which fell flat.

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  1. If you like reading about bugs, check out “Six-legged soldiers : using insects as weapons of war” by Jeff Lockwood

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