Food Matters

Ever since Michael Pollan swept onto the scene, a crop of me-too writers arrived to trumpet the same message: Eat less meat, eat more plants, save the environment. Cook more, shop the perimeter of stores, don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients unless you’re making it yourself. Yes, we have an agribusiness problem, but I don’t buy into Bittman’s solution that each of us eating less meat and creating less demand for the stuff will gradually solve this problem. 3,000 farmers benefit from agricultural subsidies of $19 billion. Let’s start by fixing our out of whack legislation propping up the price of corn and soy. If people want to become vegetarians, more power to them.
Best thing I got out of it was Bittman pointing to a Michael Pollan article in the 2003 New York Times Magazine about how we would rather eat than drink, how we used to convert excess grain into alcohol but no longer, now we want sugar.
I also got a bread recipe out of Bittman that turned out very un-breadlike. But maybe that’s beginner’s luck.

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