Lush Life

I luxuriated into this 450 pager like slipping into a bath, holding my breath with each page turn, letting the words sweep me away into the world of NYC crime, fast dialog, cop talk, victim confusion, drugs, beatdowns, hopelessness. It is a relief to return to fiction after the wacky world of nutrition, financial, or political non fiction.
Matty the cop and his partner Yolonda are assigned to the shooting death of white boy (Ike) who steps to his young black assailant (Tristan) during a robbery, saying “Not tonight, my man.” Eric Cash, a manager of a local restaurant, and Steve the actor, are the other two with Ike during the mugging. Eric is mistaken by the police as the shooter, after two eye witnesses pin it on him, which subjects him to hours of police grilling, a lockup and quick release once Steve sobers up enough to corroborate Eric’s story. Billy Marcus, Ike’s dad, becomes a central character, disfigured by grief and turned crazed.
Recommended by SuperChen, who is feeding me good books like they’re pancakes hot off the griddle.

auth=Price, Richard