The Well-Fed Writer

I should probably create a new blog category for “skimmed” instead of “read.” Bowerman gives you 250+ pages on how to become a successful commercial freelance writer, including examples of pitch letters, invoices, follow up emails. Some of the information I retained:
* Make a ton of cold calls at the beginning. 50 a day if possible. Eventually you’ll drum up some business
* Write commercially, like brochures ($750/per) or direct mail pieces.
* You don’t have to be a great writer, just an average writer who does a competent job on time and on budget.
* Write thank you notes for business you’ve completed and been paid for.
* Incorporate a “kill fee” into your contract in case the project stalls, so you at least get something out of it.
* Be able to market the hell out of yourself.
* There are huge benefits to working freelance- tax advantages of deducting travel, home office expenses, freedom in scheduling, working from anywhere.
* Network with other freelancers – for the personal factor of seeing people, plus being able to throw projects to each other.

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