She’ll Take It

Ridiculously awful book that features the ravings of a shoplifter/actress whose penchant for implausible actions is astounding. The book is so patently obvious, Melanie steals to relieve stress, is an aspiring actress with a gorgeous model roommate Kim, she gets a temp job at a law firm where she falls into a relationship with one of the partners who happens to get a gig talking about loss prevention on Court TV. Her former boyfriend, Ray, is a musician who ignores her, and his ex-girlfriend Trina has it out for Melanie (naturally, Melanie reports to Trina at the law firm, coincidence of all coincidence). There is nothing original in the plot, even the descriptions of her rush from taking things seems hackneyed. Similar to the other book I recently read with a shoplifting heroine, Melanie begins to make art with her stolen goods, incorporating pieces of the hot items into her artist’s clocks.
Rating: one big eyeroll

auth=Carter, Mary