Graphic novel summary of Bertrand Russell’s quest to give mathematics a logical foundation. Russell’s story told from the podium of an American university in the midst of WWII, he starts from his childhood thirst for knowledge, through his studies at Cambridge, through a few wives with open marriages, taking Wittgenstein on as a student, being a peaceful protester during WWI. The story keeps coming back to the idea of logic and madness being intertwined– you cannot look too closely into the face of logic or you go mad.
The graphic novel includes self-referential images of its own creators talking about creating the novel, debating whether to end it on a sad note of Nazis taking over Europe, or to leave hope with the form of Alan Turing, who takes things to their logical conclusion, birth of computers, etc.

auth=Doxiadis, Apostolos and Christos PApadimitriou
sub=An Epic Search for Truth