Chronic City

Love this guy. Lethem’s skill in wielding a pen is unparalleled by any other living writer.
Perkus Tooth, Chase Insteadman, Richard Abneg, Oona Laszlo. Janice the astronaut, cancerous growth in foot, trapped behind Chinese space mines, faux fiancee of Chase. Hints of the Truman show. Manhattan, trapped in permafrost, perpetual winter, a “tiger” on the loose to build a new subway line under 2nd Ave. Perkus & Chase meet in the offices of the Criterion Collection, Perkus becomes Chase’s raison d’être. Chase a child actor all grown up, cashing residual checks. Perkus, once famous rock critic who pasted broadsides about town. The energy percolating off Perkus is palpable.
Gnuppets. Brando. Oona’s latest ghostwriting project an autobiography of the man who creates craters and calls them art. Fjords. The grey fog that swallowed up downtown. Cheeseburgers at Jackson Hole burger, which later falls victim to the cratering of the Tiger. The mystical chauldrons, pixelated treasure in a virtual reality world, which if gazed upon whilst high would show you the portal to another world.
Chase’s view from his window of the church dome, the birds flocking and soaring above it.