Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

I’ve always been curious about what would make such an obviously intelligent person veer off-course and join the Army post-9/11. Krakauer does an excellent job weaving Tillman’s tale along with the corresponding events of bin Laden & the chaos in Afghanistan.
Tillman was a Bay Area native, athletically talented, choosing football over baseball when the coach told him he wouldn’t get to start in baseball. Fearless, he gets into a brawl and arrested for assault during his senior year in high school, potentially putting his Arizona State scholarship at risk. The month he spends in juvey seems to wisen him, unlocking a thirst for reading he’d never had before.
At ASU, he distinguishes himself on the football field and academically, ends up getting drafted late in the rounds by the Arizona Cardinals. He plays with the team a few years, turning down a multi-million dollar contract to remain in Arizona with the team that believed in him enough to draft him. And then 9/11, and once the 2002 off-season arrives, Tillman joins the army with his brother Kevin.
Cue a shitstorm of pain during basic training, having to deal with idiot boys who whine and laze about, dealing with being separated from his wife Marie. Lucky for us, Pat keeps a journal and introspectively guides his thoughts onto the page. Fast forward, he’s deployed to Iraq, a war he doesn’t believe in. Ultimately he is redeployed to Afghanistan, where he is killed in a firefight by his own platoon.