Piano Notes: The World of the Pianist

Rosen’s technical skills with words are proven in the book, and I trust that his piano skills are up to snuff as well. He describes the complexities of musical appreciation within language and without the aid of sound, reminding us that to sight read a piece of music, you can hear it in your head. Debussy and Stravinsky reading over S’s piano version of an orchestral work, Debussy leaving without saying a word after finishing the read. The question of modernism, and its value– the critics who claim we love modern music to be obtuse, but in fact it is the challenge posed by the music that draws us.
Rosen dips into all facets of the pianist’s life– concerts, tuning of instruments, recording, phrasing, choosing piano over harpsichord, serving on a panel of judges for a contest, the physical and mental nature of music. From Bach (the ultimate music-teacher work) to Liszt’s physically demanding pieces, to Rachmaninoff and the pleasure of having a recording of the virtuoso performance of his work.
Mozart had pedals that were worked with his knees?
Recommended as the best book you didn’t read of the last decade, via my lil sis, EZ-rider.