The Unnamed

It doesn’t matter what you name your characters (Tim, Jane, Becka) if your writing is this good. Tim has a “condition”, tbd whether medical or mental, wherein he walks and walks and walks. When they are living in the suburbs, he’ll call Jane in the middle of the night to come retrieve him when the walk is over. There are reprieves between walking spells, sometimes lasting years. After the 2nd reprieve, they buy an apartment in the Village, settle down again. Then, walking takes over, and Tim hits the road without calling back for months. His body begins to break apart, losing fingers, toes to frostbite.
Jane is in the hospital dying from cancer, Tim walks across the country to come home to see her. His presence spurs her to recover. At her bedside, he keeps his backpack, still on the alert and ready to go walking whenever his legs get the itch. He’ll come back to her bedside and tell her about everything he’s seen, causing him to be more mindful when walking.
Poignant, devastating, quality work. Not as funny as And Then We Came to the End, but pretty good followup to an amazing first novel.