Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime

“Smoking new book!” screams Tina Brown, and Don Imus swears he “read each and every word.” Do these count as reviews? If so, I don’t feel guilty about my blog being lackadaisical about review quality.
Game Change is a book shat out quickly after the 2008 election, and the authors claim hours and hours of research with most sources. I was disappointed in the book, comparing it to the gold standard in this arena, What it Takes, the epic tome about the 1988 election. I’m not overly fond of the “happily ever after” ending, where Obama sincerely extends the offer of Secretary of State to Clinton.
It was as much information as I’d care to ingest about Palin, oddly cool and collected and yet so out of her league. The McCain bits were slightly interesting– his theory of gut instincts and not caring about the details of the campaign. Most of the book was consumed by the Obama/Hillary story, Obama’s backroom Senate meetings where the old guard pushed him to run but they could not formally endorse him due to the Clinton dynasty that had raised so much money for the cause. Hillary’s disastrously run campaign, with power struggles from within and the omnipresent question of “What to do about Bill”.
It’s a tolerable book, but you probably picked up most of the information during the election unless you were braindead at the time. If you’re looking for in-depth exposure of how a political campaign is run, check out What it Takes.