I am Not Sidney Poitier

This book has been getting some serious press lately, and after the 5th mention in as many days, I caved to peer pressure and reserved a copy from the library. And it deserves every ounce of attention it’s received– a delight to the mind and imminently readable. Everett even writes himself into the text as a character, and name drops some of his other books.
Basic plot is a poor LA boy named “Not Sidney Poitier” by his mother, and who ends up looking exactly like Sidney Poitier, swept away to Atlanta by Ted Turner when Poitier’s mother dies since she was one of Turner’s biggest shareholders and sitting on a minor fortune. An avid reader, he finds little of value in high school, drops out, buys his way into Morehouse. He collects a light skinned girlfriend along the way, is taken home to her parents as a black wedge during Thanksgiving, eavesdrops on the parents finding out about his wealth and takes Everett’s advice to have fun with that knowledge and mess with the parents. Booted out of T-day dinner, he flies home, loads up his car for attempt #2 to return to LA, and gets lost in Alabama. In Smuteye, Alabama his car breaks down, he is asked by three hungry ladies to help them build a church, he gets $50k from Podgy (his accountant), resulting in an innocent lookalike being murdered.
A whirlwind of entertainment and good writing.