The Gin Closet

I cut people slack on their first novel, but I also expect substance under the flash. Jamison is getting kudos for her first book, and while it is very readable, it lacks something to dig your hands into and grip. The somewhat tired theme of granddaughter (Stella) taking care of Lucy in New York, with Stella’s mom MIA, only showing up at the end when it’s too late, whispered rumors of Stella’s hidden and missing aunt Matilda, secreted away from view, Stella and Tom burst into Matilda’s mobile home in Nevada to tell her the news of her mother’s death before the formal estate letter arrives. Matilda a hopeless drunk, but who recovers then relapses then recovers, etc. Tilly’s son via prostitution, Abe, in SF, Tilly & Stella move out to his Harrison St. loft to start anew. Stella fucking around with her cousin Abe (too obvious). Maudlin ending of Tilly killing herself. The air slowly deflates from my balloon of hope for Jamison.