The Girl Who Played With Fire

Oh the guilty pleasure of getting lost in a book; I was especially guilty this weekend, San Francisco filled with sunshine and everyone out playing, me holed up on the sunporch, devouring this in one fell swoop. Does this count as “beach reading” because the story is such a whirlpool, sucking me in?
The story picks up where Girl with a Dragon Tattoo left off; Lisbeth Salander the badass 4’11” waif comfortable in her billions of stolen kroner, doing good in her own way in Grenada by watching a man try to kill his wife in a hurricane. She drifts back to Sweden, buys an apartment, buys all the accoutrements of home life. (This might be my only gripe– holy crap there are pages and pages devoted to the details of her furnishing her new life.)
Mikael Blomkvist’s magazine is working on a story about the sex trade, girls from Estonia ending up in Sweden and systematically raped for small profits. The expose starts to sniff around a character named Zala, and things get dangerous. Meanwhile, Lisbeth’s guardian, Nels Bjurman (famously tattooed by Lisbeth in the 1st book of the series) begins to hatch a plot to be rid of her.
Suddenly, Lisbeth is accused by the police and the media of a triple homicide, and is on the run. Enter the blonde giant who feels no pain. Enter Lisbeth’s famous boxer pal, Paolo, who rescues her girlfriend Mimmi from the giant. Enter Zala, Lisbeth’s dad who was disfigured when Lisbeth, age 12, doused him in gasoline and set him ablaze for nearly killing her mother.
Good stuff, albeit a bit wordy in parts.
Lisbeth lives to see another book– part 3 coming soon!